6 Usefull Wedding Hairstyle Tips


When looking for the wedding dress, brides can try sample after sample before saying yes to the dress. This is what makes it difficult to choose a hairstyle: it is impossible to test all the styles that interest you.

When the time came for me to choose a dress, I did not have fun. In fact, I ended up buying the very first copy I tried: an A-line Casablanca. Three months later, six and a half months before we said “yes”, my hairstyle search is deadlocked. So I decided to consult the advice of professionals. For all the brides who, like me, have trouble getting their hair done, here are some helpful tips from Martha Stewart’s former hairdresser-stylist, Anthony Sorensen, who now works at Juut Salonspa in Edina, Minnesota.

Identify your wedding style and schedule a consultation

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Are you a modern bride? Former? Classic? Glamour? Rustic? Think of the words that describe your dress, your meeting place, your decor and your overall design. Then keep these words in mind when searching for styles. Sorensen adds: “Stay classic! Trends come and go and you want the photos of your wedding to be timeless.”
Cut out a backup of your favorites, then make an appointment with a wedding hairstylist who can help you narrow down the options. Do not have a trusted hairdresser yet? No problem. Ask the other wives in the area they worked with and research their online experience.

“Always try with your stylist,” says Sorensen. “It calms the nerves on the big day.”

Consider the dress

Depending on the neckline, shape, fabric and / or features of your dress, some hairstyles will be more beautiful than others. You will also want to bring a picture of your dress and any accessory to the hair consultation. Talking about options once you’ve reduced it to a few styles makes it easy to find the perfect match.

“I always consider the neckline of a wedding dress.If it’s high, I usually go up.If it is down, the down could be better,” says Sorensen. “For complicated clothes, try to keep things simple.” You do not want your hair to take off the dress!

Up to do or not?

“Think about the time of your wedding when you decide to present it or not,” Sorensen said. “For the wet summer months, it’s probably a good idea to go with a do-it-yourself job. It will remain and you will not have to worry about it anymore. For the dry autumn and winter months, it is best to give up.

Do not be a daredevil

wedding hairstyle tips

The day of your wedding is not the time to try something radical that could have adverse effects. If you have never cut short hair, it’s probably not a good idea to try this before the wedding. In addition, do not overdo it with the products. Lacquer is a necessity, but you still want your hair to look natural, not completely frozen in its place. The same goes for the gel and volumizing foam. Too much could make you look like a bloated poodle.

Remember, comfort is important too


If a hair accessory disturbs you from the beginning, you do not want to risk being miserable throughout the ceremony and reception. Look for accessories that require fewer pins or fewer teeth.

Be you

Believe in yourself. If the opinions of others are too strong, always bring them back to what your instinct tells you. Your hairstyle has the power to define all your bridal look, so you want it to compliment your personality, not someone else’s.

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